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Platform Number 1.Steam and Water.Dirty Work.Golden Oldies Gala, G.C.R.  2011.   Ref2805110430Fairburn 42085.Loughboroguh Shed Night shot.   101008053870013 Oliver Cromwell.Heading South.   Ref261109132748305 in Loughborough Yard.   300109167248773 over the pit.      3001091683Ref2705103012Waiting for the road             Ref 2705103210Centre of attention.   Ref081011340569023 outside Loughborough Central.    Ref141010719261994 and 69023 Loughborough Central.    141010724361994 in Loughborough Station.   Ref1201118357Spit and Polish.  Ref2301108995Spit and polish, Loughborough Shed.   Ref2301109044