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Running between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster in the West midlands , this standard gauge line is now more than forty years old and one of the pioneers of railway preservation in the U.K.

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Swindon's Finest.    Ref12030928835029 Nunney Castle North of Hampton Loade.  Ref1203092832Dukedog South of Hampton Loade.6695 leaving Bewdley.    Ref070310031261994 leaving Hampton Loade.  Ref070310033471000 leaving Bewdley.   Ref0903092528Kidderminster Signals    Ref17110746443 leaving Bewdley Tunnel.   Ref070310027578019 at Hay Bridge.   Ref0703100345Framed by the crane.    Ref0703100247Dukedog in the mist.    Ref0910088028Filling up the tender.    RefDDC091008Shunting at Bewdley.   Ref2409112967A King leaves Bewdley.    Ref2409113011Time to spare.     Ref2409112958Kidderminster arrival.  Ref2403126355828 and 43106 leaving Kidderminster.   Ref2303126399Train Watchers.    Ref2403126429