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A collection of photographs taken at the old World War 2 Bomber base, East Kirby Airfield, Lincolnshire on 16/3/2013.
Featuring Avro Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" and a merry band of re enactors the event recreated a flavour of the dark days of WW2 when the airfield was operational.
One of the highlights of the evening was the start up of the Lancasters four Merlin engines- a sight and sound never to be forgotten!

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Heading for the NAAFI.   16031329022959Air Crew, East Kirby   3170Air Crew, East Kirby.  3092Just Jane flight crew.     2987313629573036Just Jane and pilot.     303729472986307431653182315331213154893489413080

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RICK EBORALL(non-registered)
A very nice collection Mr B! I Like the girl on the Bomb. She really does look the part!
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