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Maderia, Portugal.   1904127205A splash of colour, Maderia.   1504127340Unloading sledges, Funchal.  REf1904127244Hats, Funchal.   Ref1904127245Church Steps, Monte, Maderia.   1904127258Funchal, Madeira.   Ref1904127264Big Yellow Taxi, Maderia.    1904127329Flower arranger, Funchal.   Ref1904127325Hats, Funchal.   Ref1904127275Down the hill on a sledge, Funchal.   Ref1904127282Monte Bar, Maderia.   1904127241Musicians, Funchal, Maderia.    1904127338Flowers in a Funchal Park, Madeira.   1904127320Toboggan Ride, Monte, Madeira.    1904127252Cable Car, Funchal, Madeira.   1904127294