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Windermere Station.Winder Station.Bagworth Signal Box.   Ref1019792917Kings Cross.    Ref1978Derby Departure.    Ref01081992144Welsh Dragon.  Ref137.39Scarborough Station.    Ref081984221.1587 026 in  Carlisle Station.    Ref09198923342Unloading the Mail.  Ref08198721517Star of the Show.   Ref44721987Welsh Marshes Pullman.   Ref031982107.9The Jolly Fisherman.    Ref23071992143Lord Nelson at Sellafield.     081985001Deltic at the Cross.   1978Welsh Dragon.  Ref137.39Diesel Shop, Crewe works open day 1977.     011177Duchess Detail.The Stack.Broken. 71981046