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Just Good Friends.    Ref  030908-1Hello Sailor.     Ref  1406095981Ref2610089468Fallow deer in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire.   Ref270607-1Bird Bath.   Ref180507-1Ref1010105090Mothers Pride.   Ref0106116297Ref2009099056Deer in silhouette.   Ref2704119874Catching the light.   Ref1006116573A Splash of colour.    Ref0808105382Ref2010105131Catching a thermal.   Ref1508111906Cormorant on Eastbourne Pier.    Ref2109112759Fallow deer stag, Charlecote Park.    Ref0410113218Robin photographed in Calke Park.    Ref1910113873My Best Friend.   Ref2910114204