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My gallery of images taken at events where the reenactors,as near as possible, recreate a bygone age.

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Edwardian Group.     Ref1107105008Conscript.    Ref1306103719Smile.   Ref1306103766Looking for the next train.    Ref1306103813The Pram.     Ref1306103843Ref 1306103721Wartime Shop.    Ref1306103725Edwardian Chrich.   Ref 1107104879Under Arrest.  Ref1107105036Ref 1107104979Just Good Friends.     Ref1306103785Ref1506103810Ref1508105690Wartime weekend, G.C.R. 2011.    Ref1106110638Lola Lamour.    Ref1106110783Taking a break.    Ref1506110585