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Silver Jubilee leaving Loughborough.    Ref555219954472 inside Loughborough Shed.    Ref301292447260007 on Loughborough Shed.   Ref271294211-14472 Departing Loughborough Central.    Ref121993161-1Over the Pit.   Ref011984133Quorn Cavalcade, GCR , 1986Super Power leaving Loughborough.   002199292203 and 92212 Loughborough Station.   090297Sir Lamiel and Silver Jubilee at Woodthorpe.34039 Boscastle.    191292003Deltic 9019 Royal Highland Fusilier at Woodthorpe.    07940025552 Silver Jubilee.Night Departure, Loughboroguh Central.   0402199400292203 outside Loughborough Central.   01011997Robert Nelson No 4.60007 Loughborough.     27121994003Standard 9F 92203 AND 92212.     09021997245001Super Power at Loughborough.  09029725446229 on the TPO, 1997.46229 outside Loughborough station, July 1997.