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P and O line up.   Ref1504127056Captain on the bridge.    Ref1504127067Starting the journey South.    Ref1504127075Passing Azura.   1504127085Bay of Biscay from Ventura.   Ref1604127115Force 10 in the Bay.     Ref2504127900Ventura surfin the Swell.   Ref25047127904Heavy SeasAurora detail.   0406130467Southampton Docks.  0306130446Servicing Aurora.   0406130456Costa Luminosa.    0606130481Somewhere in the North Sea.   0506130474M.V Autobay, Southampton.Big Ship small boat    0606130522The Atrium Aurora.   0606130661Costa Luminosa.    0606130481Autobay   0406130466